With competence and passion, Alessandro de Stefano gives all his attention to the project of every

client, providing in the same time completely new and personalized style.

Designing process is always perfectly fitted and carefully thought out for client’s welfare and


Human, Space, Material, Light, Sound, Movement and Warm - all of those aspects combined in a

perfect unity, which creates new forms and spaces.

The Alessandro de Stefano Studio mixes brilliant craftsmanship with modern design to search

innovative solutions and to create completely new spaces.

The gauntlet which is thrown by the design, the selection of the materials and the designing process

are the canvas of our passion.





To appreciate a spirit of Alessandro de Stefano work it is fundamental to have a deep understanding of the nature as well as a awareness that this artistic sensibility is modeled by the nature.


The origin of the aesthetics that rules forms of all works is taken from a fine concept o Wabi e Sabi.


Wabi refers a sober beauty of a semplicity and a peacefullness and Sabi voices refined stylishness.


" I want my works to become compliments to the nature "


 Alessandro de Stefano


Fashion designer born in Milan, was growing up among the variety of materials and laces.


He unceremoniously mixes completely different materials and study how to create new forms.


He loves succulent silks and delicate georgettes.


When he was 19, he was attending to the Fashion Designing School in Milan, where he mastered his techniques.

He was working in the greatest fashion houses like Armani and Cesare Paciotti, then he started

working for his own success.


Widely discovered at 95’, when his first project ‘haute couture’ was appeared on the Vogue’s cover

and other papers of this kind.


The great bonsai tree lover and adherent of Zen style, started his long journey, which gave him


e-mail   info@alessandrodestefano.com


 Tel. +48797502125


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